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Abstract ​​

Bed Bath & Beyond is an American chain of domestic merchandise retail stores. It has used coupons for decades to attract customers. However, Bed Bath & Beyond announced that it would reduce its use of promotional coupons and tighten restrictions on their use.


Service Design


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The college season is one of Bed Bath & Beyond’s most important seasons. About 40% of all consumers are college students, a mix of Generation Z and Millennials with a $143 billion purchasing power. How might we facilitate Sales for younger consumers?


Figuring out what furniture to buy for your first college dorm room can be stressful. There are several essentials that a first-year student should bring to their dorm, but it’s hard to think of everything. Not having everything ready for move-in is hardly ideal. 

Target Customer


Andy is an incoming student at Rochester Institute of Technology. He will live in a residence hall on campus. Originally from a middle-class family. This is the first time he is living without his parents.


Preliminary Research​

Online Shopping is Booming​

Online shopping has become a major part of college students’ lives. These Gen Z and millennial-aged young adults purchase everything from textbooks to dorm room supplies online and via their mobile devices. A study conducted by shows that students spend $60 billion annually on everyday items.

Social Media Influences the Shopping Behaviors of Colleges Students​

Digital connectivity is common among college students. According to a study in 2020, 90% of college students use Instagram, and 50% have bought something through Instagram. As a result, social media significantly influences their purchasing behavior. 

Experiences and interactions are what college students expect from brands

Research has shown that 49% of college students said they would like to submit product design ideas to brands, whereas 44% said they would attend brand events.

Group 422

Interview and Survey

The top reason college students shop for furniture is moving into a new place. Students mentioned that price is the most important factor in making their purchasing decisions. 40% of students said that they paid for the furniture.


In order to solve the problem, I created a furniture rental package service for college freshmen where Bed Bath and beyond do not need to cost down to increase the shopping rate, and freshmen students spend less to rent furniture instead of buying it.

In addition, I created a social media campaign aimed at college students. It’s a furniture design contest to encourage students to talk about their brand and products as much as possible. Students could be involved with the brand by participating or voting on the furniture design.


Rental Furniture Package

Furniture rental package for freshman college students, So they do not have to spend that much in buying brand new furniture, and when they finish their studies, they can return the furniture, so they do not have to resell it or ship their furniture back home.

For the package, Bed Bath and Beyond can provide a different price range of packages for students to choose from based on the dorm they live in, and the student can choose to pick up in-store or deliver to their dorm.

Students can also customize their package to add or delete the furniture they want or do not want.

University Customization

While students customize their packages, Bed Bath and Beyond could allow them to customize the bedsheets with their university brand style as a marketing strategy to have more connection with the university.

Furniture Design Contest on Social Media

In collaboration with furniture design students to hold a furniture design contest on social media. The students can vote for their favorite furniture design created by furniture design students. Those who vote will have the chance to win the furniture that they choose, and the winning design will be made into a limited-edition piece.

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