Abstract ​​

Acupressure is an ancient healing art that’ s based on traditional Chinese medicine. It is used to promote relaxation and wellness and to treat disease. Nowadays, many people try to massage their Acupuncture Points due to their limited side effects and ability to reduce pain and promote relaxation.


FUI Design


5 months


Figma, After Effect, Adobe Illustrator


Research, UI Design






According to authoritative sources, the human body contains 361 acupuncture points. Since most people aren’t experts in acupressure points, finding the right ones may be challenging. People may need help deciding which point to press based on their current problem.

When you go to a professional for an acupressure massage, you may have to pay a substantial amount of money.



The AR Glasses Smart Assistant will recommend which Acupressure points to press based on your issue and show you where it is located.


Market Research​

Acupressure massage use is influenced by income

Market data from 2021 indicates income impacts people likelihood of getting a acupressure massage. While 36% of those earning $100,000 or more got a massage last year, only 19% of those making $50,000 or less did. Most of them get a acupressure massage in a spa or massage therapist’s office.


Health and wellness are the main reasons people get acupressure massages

There is a strong belief that acupressure massage therapy should be considered a health care service by over 83 percent of people. More than half of users have used it for medical or health reasons.


Doctors Interview

Acupressure massage therapy is recommended by doctors

Many doctors and medical providers view acupressure  therapy as a complementary option to address health concerns. Some doctors recommend that their patients receive acupressure therapies or massages.


Self-acupressure is safe and beneficial

Self-acupressure is very safe since the person applying the pressure feels if anything is too hard, in the wrong place, or just doesn’t feel right. Almost everyone can benefit from it. While it is ideal to be press precise and accurate, close enough will suffice. This makes acupressure more forgiving than some other methods.


Experience the benefits of acupressure at home with Ego

Voice control

Using voice control, Ego will ask the user what their current needs are and be able to recommend the most effective point so that the user can free his hand and focus on the treatment itself.

Acupressure Point Recommendation

Based on the user’s request, Ego will suggest the appropriate acupressure point that should be pressed to alleviate the symptoms and also provide the location of the point.


Step By Step instruction

An easy-to-follow step-by-step guide is provided for the user so that they can easily follow up and increase the accuracy of pressing on the acupressure point by following the instructions.


Visual Guide

In order to assist the user in quickly locating where the user should look, visual hints are displayed on the body. A micro animation will show the user how to apply the point correctly. Ego will respond immediately, verbally and visually, when the user presses the correct spot.

Acupressure Point Info

When the user is doing acupressure on himself or herself, a popup will appear with details about the benefits and functions of that particular acupressure point so that the user can comprehend why they should apply this point to their body.

Body feedback

As the acupressure points are stimulated correctly, blood circulation is improved, and muscular tension is released. EGO monitors the user’s heartbeat and respiratory rate during the treatment to verify its effects.


UI Iterations

Keep it simple

Graphics instead of text

Fewer description words, only the most important information

Close proximity of related elements to the focus area

Visaul Identity


The Logo combines the brand name EGO with a hand. The color block represents an acupuncture point and the main part is designed in one line to represent qi flowing.



Ego primary palette consists of beige, and light green. The layouts lean heavily on these colors, mixing in the neutral palettes to build color schemes that are complementary and balanced.


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